Directions to our Offices

We see patients in two locations, Hartford and Middletown. In addition, we also see patients for Starling Physicians in their offices in New Britain and in Wethersfield.  Please see the google map link below for directions. 

Hartford Office

Our main office is located at 1000 Asylum Ave., suite 3206, Hartford CT. We are in the Gengras Medical Office Building, attached to St. Francis Hospital. Indoor parking is available in the main patient garage on Woodland Street (there is also an entrance on Collins Street). Valet parking is also available at the main entrance to the hospital on Woodland Street.

Please note that there is a small fee for parking. Unfortunately, we are not able to validate parking at this garage. There is no additional charge for the valet parking service. This can certainly make it easier to park.  

If you come in on the second level of the garage, as soon as you walk through the automatic doors turn left to walk down the Gengras Connector corridor.  This is the walking route to the Gengras Building where we are located.  Keep following the corridor until you have to turn right.  Once you turn right there will be an opening on the left and a set of doors in front of you.  Turn left into the opening.  Keep going straight until you reach the main lobby of the Gengras Building.  Take the elevators up to the third floor.  Turn left out of elevators and we are in Suite 3206.

If you park on any other level, take the elevators or stairs to second level of the parking garage.  From elevators take a right, from the stairs take a left; continue straight toward the exit.  Before exiting garage turn right down the Gengras Connector corridor and follow the previous directions.

Should require assistance (Hospital Cab Service) enter on the second floor and pick up the telephone labeled cab service (on wall to right, or ask security guard) tell them where you are going.  They will bring you to the main desk in the Gengras building. Upon your request, Security can also provide you with a wheelchair.

Middletown Office

Limited office hours are available at our satellite office in Middletown, CT. We are at 420 Saybrook Road every other Wednesday morning. We share space with the Cardiologists. Please follow the signs to the Cardiology office. Ample free outdoor parking is available at this office.