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We are a group of Cardiac Electrophysiologists. Together we form Arrhythmia Consultants of Connecticut, a private practice dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients with heart rhythm disorders. We are all board certified Cardiac Electrophysiologists. We focus only on heart rhythm problems - we do not practice general Cardiology.

We see patients in our centrally located primary office at 1000 Asylum Ave, suite 3206, Hartford, CT. We offer consultations for patients with heart rhythm problems ranging from palpitations to sudden cardiac arrest. Most of our patients are referred by their Cardiologist and some of our patients come directly from their primary care physician. We also see patients who are "self referred" seeking advice about their heart rhythm or a second opinion. Most of our patients continue to see their Cardiologist after they see us, although we also provide continuing follow up care for those with chronic heart rhythm problems. We are a leader in providing telemedicine services so that our patients with implanted cardiac devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators can be followed remotely in the comfort of their own home.

Most of our heart rhythm procedures are performed at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, a world-class progressive, people-centered, and compassionate health care environment. St. Francis Hospital has been an anchor in our community since 1897. In 2015, Saint Francis became part of Trinity Health Of New England, an integrated health care delivery system that is a member of Trinity Health, Livonia, MI, one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation. Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is licensed for 617 beds and 65 bassinets, is a major teaching hospital and the largest Catholic hospital in New England.

Advanced Technology


This is the only institution in our region with the Stereotaxis sytem which allows us to perform robotically assisted catheter ablation procedures with unprecedented accuracy and safety. Because of its pinpoint precision and greater safety, Stereotaxis magnetic navigation is ideal for performing catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, atrial tachycardia, and atrial flutter. We are the #1 Stereotaxis center in the Northeast and among the top 10 in the US. 

Rotor Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation (FIRM)

We have been pioneers in performing FIRM (Focal Impulse Rotor Modulation) ablation for atrial fibrillation. We were the first in the region to offer this groundbreaking tool for the treatement of atrial fibrillation. This technology allows us to target the location of critical areas that allow for existence of the atrial fibrillation. 

Reducing X-Ray Exposure

Using advanced 3D mapping techniques, we are able to significantly reduce the X-ray exposure to our patients and our staff. We are the only center in the region performing complex ablations (including ablations for atrial fibrillation) without the use of fluoroscopy. This means that our patients have absolutely no exposure to harmful radiation during their ablation procedures.

Ellison Berns, M.D.

Dr. Berns has been a leader in this region since 1988. He developed the electrophysiology programs at St. Francis Hospital, Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children's Medical Center. He is a founding partner of Arrhythmia Consultants of Connecticut.

Neal Lippman, M.D.

Dr. Lippman has advised area hospitals on quality control for its pacemaker programs. He is currently the Director of EP services for St. Francis Hospital and has led the development of one of the premier lead extraction programs in the country.

Aneesh Tolat, M.D.

Dr. Tolat is experienced in radiofrequency ablation and cardiac device implantation. He has published on performing cardiac device implants on anticoagulated patients and has experience performing all EP procedures without the need to discontinue anticoagulation.

Joseph Dell'Orfano, M.D.

Dr. Dell'Orfano has been with ACC since 2001 and is the only Electrophysiologist in the region performing complex ablations, including atrial fibrillation ablations, without the need for fluoroscopy and without exposing the patients or staff to harmful X-rays.

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